Let's Get You Back To The Home Table

LOCALLY SOURCED, Fully Cooked, ORGANIC MEALS Made in your home


Enjoy fresh, homemade meals and whole foods right in your home! 

I  believe in the value of health and the power of family. Get back to sharing meals at the home table without the stress of prepping, cooking, or shopping. Simply pull out of the fridge, heat, and enjoy! Order 3, 4 or 5 meals — whatever works best for you and your family.

Quality fresh ingredients from local sources

Spending money with local farmers and food producers not only fuels our local economy here in the North State, but  is a strong, proud voice in support of safe, transparent farming practices. When possible, every ingredient I use is locally sourced and/or organic. ALL ingredients are natural, safe and healthful for you and your family to enjoy!

Special dietary needs? I offer dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and paleo options.


Dinner was a huge hit! It was so nice to come home from a long day of work and after school sports to a home cooked meal! We sat at the table and had a conversation instead of Mom being stressed. Thank you.
— Cori

Meet Elizabeth

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Berry.

By exploring this site and my story, you're witnessing one of my lifelong passions and dreams come true. As a young child, raised in Santa Cruz, I would go with my father to the local farms to pick up our in-season produce. I spent hours in the kitchen with my mother who cooked with whole foods for our family every day.

As I began to raise my own children, I saw the tradition of family meals at home become a “holiday tradition” and shopping from local farmers called "an inconvenience" and this reality broke my heart. Don’t misunderstand—I get it! Life is busy and work is important; time seems more and more like a luxury. But I still wanted to get everyone back to the home table! I decided that if other people didn’t have time to do what my parents did, I would do it for them!

It was then that Berry, Seed and Vine was born. I have been cooking in people’s homes in the Redding area for over three years, using local, organic, natural ingredients built around each family’s dietary and lifestyle needs. I LOVE bringing real, homemade food and baked goods into people’s homes!


•To read more about my story and my journey as the mother of a Type 1 Diabetic son, check out my personal BLOG• 


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