Home Chef Services & Delivery

Meals are prepared with local, organic and sustainable ingredients to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Personalized menus are designed to include all of your favorites, while supporting all of your nutritional needs and choices. These tailored meals are prepared in your home and then packaged and stored in the refrigerator—ready when you arrive home from your busy day!

Cook for Hire services include:

  • Personalized menu planning
  • Organic and local ingredients when available
  • Grocery shopping each morning prior to food preparation
  • In-home meal preparation
  • Storage and cleanup (no dishes to do!)

Standard Plans:

5 meal x 4 people plan — $125.00 plus cost of groceries*
4 meal x 4 people plan — $ 100.00 plus cost of groceries*
3 meal x 4 people plan — $ 75.00 plus cost of groceries*

*An appropriate side dish will accompany each protein.


Other Services

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BSV’s Food Quality Promise: 

At Berry, Seed and Vine, we know and believe that spending money with local farmers and food producers not only fuels our economy, it is a strong, proud voice in support of safe, transparent farming practices. When possible, every ingredient we use is locally sourced and/or organic. ALL ingredients are natural, safe and healthful for you and your family to enjoy!