Baked Goods by Berry, Seed and Vine!

6781While Berry, seed and Vine has grown into a health and wellness business based on eating delicious and beautiful food, it all started with our bakery. And there is still nothing quite like our moist, vegan, sweet breads and nutrient rich Papa Bars. Keep scrolling to see a full list of our bakery items or visit our BSV Bakery page to see a full list of services. Enjoy! BSV Bakery Goodies

~ Papa Bars

$52 ½ Sheet, approx 45 ounces (approx 16 bars) Saves $6!

$29 ¼  Sheet, approx 23 ounces (approx 8 bars)

~ Pumpkin Bread Cakes

~ Rosemary and Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cakes

~ Cardamom Cakes

*Vegan, Made with Einka Wheat (low gluten)

$21 for 12 Mini’s

$18 for Loaf

**Grain Free

$27 for 12

$24 for Loaf